• Red Sea C-Max Series
  • Red Sea
  • Coral

    Rare and Exotic Coral

    At Sea in the City over 80% of our coral is now aquacultured or maricultured. We're working hard to get the best corals for our customers to enjoy at affordable prices.
  • Fish

    Quality Marine Fish

    Thursdays are typically fish days at Sea in the City! For almost nine years we've gotten weekly shipments from Quality Marine, considered by most as the best in the business.
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  • Inverts


    Snails, crabs and other invertebrates play a crucial role in the health and well being of your aquarium. Putting the perfect "clean up crew" in place will allow for much of the detritus in your to be naturally removed. Plus, they're just too cute!
  • Ecotech Marine

Premium Aquatic Supplies

We proudly offer our customers well researched aquatic products from companies like Red Sea, EcoTech Marine, Seachem and Quality Marine